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Have you seen any of these designs before? If so, please contact me.

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If you would like to display your finished blackwork in the Gallery I would be delighted to include it.
Send me an image and I will insert it into the site. I hope looking at your projects will encourage you to do even more.


RG0134 - Jacqueline B, Miniature

Jacqueline B, Miniature

RG0133 - Elise C, First Prize

Elise C, First Prize

RG0132 - Bonnie, Save The Stitches

Bonnie, Save The Stitches


RG0131 - Anastasia


RG0130 - Sophia Jean W

Sophia Jean W

RG0129 - Julie F, First Pulled Thread

Julie F, First Pulled Thread


RG0128 - Topkapi Treasure By Jean W

Topkapi Treasure By Jean W

RG0127 - Blue Mosque By Jean W

Blue Mosque By Jean W

RG0126 - Sophia By Jean W

Sophia By Jean W


RG0125 - Tara's First Blackwork

Tara's First Blackwork

RG0124 - Kathy K

Kathy K

RG0123 - Allison D

Allison D


RG0122 - Nora S

Nora S

RG0121 - Julie F

Julie F

RG0120 - Nora S

Nora S


RG0119 - Charlotte's Mouse Mat

Charlotte's Mouse Mat

RG0118 - Maureen Lakeshore Lily

Maureen Lakeshore Lily

RG0117 - Maureen Flight

Maureen Flight


RG0116 - Kristine F

Kristine F

RG0115 - Jacqueline B, France

Jacqueline B, France

RG0114 - Amanda JS

Amanda JS


RG0113 - Amanda Block 1

Amanda Block 1

RG0112 - Natacha And Jacqueline

Natacha And Jacqueline

RG0111 - Carrie L First Piece

Carrie L First Piece


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